Frequently Asked Questions

How can I buy a Plotwyst shirt?

We're so glad you asked! Plotwyst shirts are available exclusively through Amazon and are always Amazon Prime™ eligible. Simply click any shirt image here on and you'll be taken to that shirt's listing on Amazon.

Are Plotwyst shirts available in different colors?

Yes, most of them are. Each design is available on up to five different shirt colors, depending on the specific graphic. We determine which shirt colors to use for each graphic based on the colors in the ink to be used. For example, white ink or light colored ink doesn't show up well on white or light colored shirts. Likewise for dark ink on dark shirts. However, as a general rule, most of our graphics are available on 5 shirt colors. The only exceptions would be graphics we've designed specifically to be printed on a certain color fabric. In those rare cases, you'll only see one shirt color available.

Where can I see which shirt colors are available for each design?

Here on, you can click the image of any shirt design you like, and you'll be taken to the Amazon page for that item. There, you'll be able to browse the colors, sizes, and styles available for that design.

How do I find out how the sizes run?

On the Amazon page for each item, there is a box to choose your size, as well as a sizing chart to see how the shirts run and how each size corresponds to your actual measurements. If you'd like to check out our sizing chart, you can also see it HERE.

If I see another shirt on Amazon that looks like a Plotwyst design, how do I know if it's really a Plotwyst shirt?

There are hundreds of copycat shirt designs on Amazon and other sites. Many of our shirts have been copied, and Amazon has a process for dealing with that issue. However, to be sure the shirt you buy is a genuine Plotwyst shirt, you should only buy through the links here on And always be sure "Plotwyst" is the brand listed under the product name on the item's Amazon page.

Who prints the shirts?

Plotwyst has partnered with Amazon for their secure payment process, the shipping of each itme, and, yes, even the printing of our shirts. Each one of the Plotwyst shirts our customers buys is printed specifically for your order.

What if I'm not happy with the shirt I receive?

Every Plotwyst item is 100% backed by Amazon's simple, customer-friendly return policy. For more information, visit the Amazon Return Center.

Why are the different cuts of Plotwyst's shirts referred to by gender?

Great question. We wish this wasn't the case, and we're hoping Amazon changes the way they reference their shirt sizing. We'd much prefer to call them standard fit, slim fit, slender fit, etc. But, for now, if we must refer to a shirt by its cut, we've chosen to stick to Amazon's format to avoid confusing our customers.

Can I buy a gift card for

Unfortunately, since we don't accept payment here on our site, we have no way of issuing gift cards or any type of store credit. However, the best way to give someone the gift of a Plotwyst shirt is to buy them one through the Amazon listing, and choose "this item is a gift" during the checkout process.

Why does my browser say that your site is not secure?

Those browser messages pop up when a website does not have an SSL certificate. However, we do not accept payments on our site, do not store browser cookies, do not request any of your data whatsoever, and will never ask for any information. Our site is 100% informational and has zero behind-the-scenes coding that you should be wary of. As such, we have no reason to justify the yearly fee of an SSL certificate we don't need.